Nexys for Business

Nexline adds a second phone line to your personal phone, so you don't need to carry two phones or mix work and play on the same device.

How Does it Work?

Nexline is a digital phone, or softphone. It is a self-contained Phone App which uses your data plan. It’s a bit like Google Voice or WhatsApp except that it includes essential calling features and a work container that keeps “business” and “personal” separate.

True Business Calling

Customers calling your business are greeted by an automated attendant – “Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts” and so on. Say you have three sales reps, calls routed to sales could ring all three at the same time, or each in turn until it is answered, or go to voicemail.

Team members can easily screen calls, forward them, put callers on hold, add participants, or hand a call off to someone else – any action they can do on an office phone, they can now do on mobile, as well.

Centralized Contacts

  • Today, when employees take business calls on their personal line, you are not in control. That caller’s number is now in their phone, not your systems. What happens to that data if you part ways? Your employees take it with them of course, and you get nothing.


  • 2nd Line saves all your business contacts to a centralized contact list for the business. Every call that goes through your system is logged – That means we can record it, transcribe it, analyze it, learn from it, and potentially market to it. But you can’t do any of that if employees use their personal line for business.

Direct Dial Number and Extension

  • When someone calls your main number, to reach an individual or a department they can get routed by the auto-attendant, or they can dial an extension, or use the dial-by-name directory.

  • But they can also call an individual directly if they know the number. You see each 2nd Line number, is both a Direct inward Dial (DiD) number, and a phone system extension at the same time.

  • Even better, 2nd line can exist in multiple places at once (e.g. phone, watch, tablet, laptop and desktop). An incoming call could ring on all devices at once and be answered on any one of them.

Perfect for Remote Office

  • With so many office staff now working from home at least one day a week, being able to efficiently route business calls to the right person on the right device matters.


  • Customers don’t appreciate being told to hang up and call someone else because you can’t forward their call. So when asked to do so, 40% of the time, the “someone else” they call, is your competitor.

Backup and Security

  • Every 2nd Line user gets additional security features to protect business data from hackers or accidental loss.


  • Users simply scan a QR code to install a Mobile Device Management (MDM) agent which manages where business files and apps are stored on the phone, takes backups, and provides a remote-wipe option if the phone is ever lost or stolen.

Business Features

Auto-Attendant / Multi-level IVR​

Most Efficient Call Handling​

Call Analytics and Reporting

Call Routing and Ring Groups​

Unlimited Conference Calls​

Campaign Conversion Tracking​

Mobile Application Integration​

Video Calls and Meetings​

100GB Wi-Fi Hotspot​