Business Phone Features for Mobile Teams

Once you start using the business-class capabilities of your 2nd Line phone system, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before on a consumer-grade plan. See what these features do:


Auto-Attendant/Virtual Receptionist:

You’re on a job with your hands full, and can’t answer the phone. Your Auto-Attendant serves as your virtual switchboard, greeting callers and directing them to the right team member or department.


Call Routing and Ring Groups:

Never miss a call again. Incoming calls can ring on multiple team-members phones all at once, or one-by-one in turn, until someone takes it, or they can go to voicemail if no one picks up.


Mobile Application Integration:

When your phone is your office your apps should work together to eliminate steps. 2nd Line helps you manage voicemails, send emails, save contacts to your CRM, log expenses, and run your business from your phone.


Most Efficient Call Handling:

Set up call forwarding rules and have voicemails transcribed and texted to your phone, so you don’t have to retrieve them and can quickly gauge their importance without interruptions.


Unlimited Conference Calls:

Need to discuss a project with multiple people at once? Standard mobile plans max out at three-way calling. 2nd Line provides call-in conferencing and multi-way calling with unlimited parties.


Video Calls and Meetings:

2nd Line enables on-demand video calling between team members. Keep it personal, talking face to face builds trust. Phone calls can be turned into video meetings with screen sharing and all that, on the fly.


Call Analytics and Reporting:

Get insights to manage your business and improve customer experiences. See known callers and repeat callers in call logs, monitor peak hours, on-hold times, call volumes, caller locations, hang-ups and create custom reports to track what matters.


Campaign Conversion Tracking:

A clever way to use virtual numbers, is in your lead generation campaigns. If you use a unique number for each campaign, you can customize the greetings and track calls to that number. Connect it to your CRM, and track campaign to revenue performance.


100GB Wi-Fi Hotspot

Need to jump on the Internet with your laptop, no problem. Share the 5G connection on your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to give your other devices instant access wherever you are.

Nexline makes business calling easier for everyone

Many of these features are table stakes for modern business phone systems and are among the reasons why more than 35% of businesses worldwide have switched from traditional PBX or Key-systems, to a Cloud PBX solution.

Nexys Mobile brings these features to mobile phones, giving you a more efficient, professional approach to managing calls. Best of all, no one has to give out their personal number anymore; everything will go through your business lines, managed how you want.