Business Calling on Mobile

Most brick and mortar businesses have a company phone number with extensions for office phones on each desk. But mobile-only businesses don’t. So how can you project a professional business image, and not miss important customer calls?

Conventional consumer (and business) mobile plans don’t provide business calling features like after-hours greetings, option menus, call forwarding, ring groups, voicemail etc. all of which help you manage callers and route them to the right person efficiently.

2nd Line is different. Along with unlimited mobility, it gives mobile users powerful business calling features, normally reserved for office phones. So your mobile workforce is always connected wherever they are, and your business always projects its most professional image.

24/7 Automated attendant

Voicemail and after-hours greetings

Call screening and caller identification​

Automated call routing and ring groups​

Call hold, forwarding and conferencing​

Post-call popup to add notes to CRM​

Contacts saved to centralized contact list​

Dial by name phone directory services​

Call recording and call transcription​

Missed call alerts, analysis and priority​

Same # on mobile, deskphone and PC​

Ring all your devices at once​