A 2nd Line for your Side Hustle

Nexline adds another number to your personal phone, so you can keep your side-hustle and personal life separate, and never mix up your contacts.

Protects your Privacy

Having 2 lines on one phone, helps you protect your privacy and keep your side-hustle and personal life totally separate. Each number has its own greetings, voicemail and contacts, So you can manage two lives with two lines on one phone. 

Totally Risk-Free

You don’t even have to switch providers to get the benefits. You can use Nexline with any existing plan, without disruption. Sign up now, you are minutes away from the privacy of a 2nd Line. 

Once you’ve seen the benefits, you can switch to a Nexys Mobile plan for more business calling features and truly unlimited data. 

Side-Hustle Superpowers

Make your side-hustle feel legit. Real business phone systems let you screen callers, greet them with business messages, send them to VM after-hours, play music when they are on hold, forward a call to someone else. Your side-hustle deserves no less. We give it to you.

Business Features

Call Screening

Unique Greetings

Separate Voicemail

Visual Voicemail

Separate Contacts

Separate WhatsApp

Unlimited Calling

Number Blocking

Separate Ringtone

7 Day free trial, Zero Risk. No changes to your current plphone an at all.

If you have multiple lives, two lines on one phone, helps a lot

Now you can:

Manage two WhatsApp accounts

Maintain separate contact lists​

Have unique greetings on each line ​

Segregate work and personal ​

Screen callers to your Nexline

Zero Risk, give it a try.

7 day Free Trial

You don’t need to change your current service in any way to add Nexline to your existing phone. You simply download our app, and you instantly have two lines on one phone. And Nexline comes with professional business calling features.

Download the App