Toll-Free, Vanity, and Virtual Numbers​

Once you start using the business-class capabilities of your 2nd Line phone system, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before on a consumer-grade plan. See what these features do:

Toll-Free Numbers

make it easy for customers to reach you

A toll-free number is a phone number that’s free for the caller. It typically starts with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. They are widely used by businesses aiming for a national presence.

Why businesses use Toll-Free numbers:

To encourage customers to call you without worrying about costs.
It establishes your business as professional and customer-centric.
It signals that your business serves clients nationwide.

Vanity Numbers

brand your business with a memorable phrase

A vanity number is a custom toll-free number that spells out a word or a phrase, making your business easier to remember (like 1-800-FLOWERS).

Why businesses use Vanity numbers:

It enhances brand recall and marketing effectiveness.
They work well with radio ads and a catchy jingle.
They can add to brand recognition across media.

Virtual Numbers

facilitate mobility and aid marketing

A virtual number is not tied to a land line or a mobile phone line. A call to that number can be routed anywhere – to an App on a Smartphone, a laptop or a PC, or all three. Since they can point to any other number, they are also very useful for marketing campaigns.

Why businesses use Virtual numbers:

To segregate business and personal calls on one phone.
It lets user’s handle calls on their device of choice.
For tracking and measuring marketing campaigns.
To operate in multiple markets with a “local” number.

Nexline and Virtual Numbers

The Nexline mobile app uses virtual numbers. Each user has an assigned virtual number. But you can also purchase additional virtual numbers which are not assigned to a user. Keep them for a month or a year, as long as you need. Each virtual number has its own greetings and attendant options, so they’re perfect for different campaigns.

Workline Extension

This is 2nd Line for phones on another Mobile Provider’s plan.

$15 / month

Virtual Number

A virtual number for marketing campaigns and other purposes.

$10 / month

Toll Free and Vanity Numbers

An 8xx or custom number mapped to the main company number.