Secure Work Container​

Every 2nd Line user gets additional security features to protect business data from hackers or accidental loss. Users simply scan a QR code to install a Mobile Device Management (MDM) agent which manages where business files and apps are stored on the phone, takes backups, and provides a remote-wipe option if the phone is ever lost or stolen.

Application Management

A valuable feature of MDM is the capability to remotely install, update, or remove apps. This includes public apps from app stores and custom apps. This helps to ensure software and operating system versions are kept up to date.

Separate Work Container

A key feature of MDM software is its ability to create a distinct container on employee devices, exclusively for work-related applications and data files. This separation ensures that sensitive corporate information remains isolated from personal data, thereby enhancing both security and privacy.

Remote Device Wipe

Another security features is remote lock and wipe. In the event that a device is lost or stolen, MDM software enables users to remotely lock and erase the device. This functionality prevents unauthorized access and ensure that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Virtual Private Network

Employee phones can also be configured with a VPN (virtual private network) agent so that they can safely connect to and access data on your company network, from their phone when using a public Wi-Fi service at a coffee shop or co-working facility.

Virtual Private Networking is a standardized way to connect a phone or a laptop on the Internet to a device or computer in your office network. VPN software securely connects your phone to the office network over the Internet, and encrypts data passed between them.